What is a Pharma Card?

Pharma – Card is an accumulative card and is: an opportunity to accumulate points on the card, use them, as well as gifts and participate in various raffles

Card issuance rule

Anyone over the age of 18 can become a Pharma Card holder. The card is issued on the basis of an ID card, when purchasing a single product in the pharma-market network.

Card use privileges

Only cardholders will receive:

  1. The right to accumulate points and receive gifts;
  2. The right to participate in lotteries and various promotions;
  3. Information about news and discounts.
How is it accumulated ?!

Pharma card points are accumulated in case of purchasing any product and its quantity is equivalent to the amount of money spent in our network. Conditionally, one point is equal to one tetri. Points are accumulated according to the following principle:

1. For every GEL spent up to ten GEL, one point will be accrued;

2. For every GEL spent from ten to twenty GEL, two points will be accrued;

3. For every GEL spent above twenty GEL, two and a half points will be accrued.

Rules for using the card

Dear customers!

Points will be credited to you at the card terminal;

Therefore, please submit your card before paying.

Use the accumulated points

With the points accumulated on the Pharma card, you can choose the appropriate one without any restrictions

Any product of value in the Pharma-Market network.

Cancel the card

You can accumulate and use points on the Pharma Card for life. Within 12 months, if you do not use the Pharma Card at least once (will not be held at the terminal), it will be automatically canceled and the unused points accrued on it will be canceled.

Cardholder Responsibilities

In order to receive the gift with the accumulated points, the card holder is obliged to have a card and an ID card with him. The cardholder is prohibited from transferring his rights to the card to another person.

Pharma Card Recovery

In case of loss or damage of the card, the holder is obliged to:

1. Visit the nearest branch of the pharma-market network;

2. or inform us on the contact number: (+995) 32 224 73 74

3. or write to us by e-mail: E-mail:

Pharma card recovery fee is 50 points.

The cardholder is also obliged to inform the pharma-market network about the change of his / her personal, survey information.

T: (032)  2 24 73 74


A person interested in signing the Pharma Card application does not confirm that:

1. His personal data indicated in the statement are accurate and correct;

2. Familiar with and agrees with the rules of using the Pharma card (including work, accumulation of points, cashing), which is also posted on the website;

3. Consents to receive notifications (including advertising) through the indicated contact means (telephone, e-mail);

4. Pharmanet Ltd agrees to process and store the personal information / data indicated in the form, only for the purpose of registering Pharma card holders;

5. Agrees that Pharmanet Ltd will make changes to the accumulation card rules and its standard regulatory conditions;

Note: The issued Pharma Card is the property of Pharmanet Ltd. Contact us for more information about Pharma Card:

T: (032) 2 24 73 74


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