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Tbilisi, Gvaladzis 12




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The pharmaceutical company “Pharmanet” was founded on March 10, 2011, the main goal of the founders was to create a gradually and consistently developing pharmacy network for customers. We offer the high quality and service you deserve!

When we talk about the best conditions, we mean providing you with quality, safe and affordable medicines and services. We are a network for which your health and life are paramount and price is not of primary interest.

Why us

With us you will meet: highly qualified staff, diverse assortment, guaranteed quality medicines, reasonable prices, seasonal promotions on the products you need … We think these are the criteria of our undoubted advantage.
Dissatisfied customers change their doctor’s prescription often.
In the pharmacy network “Pharmanet” you are maximally protected from this problem,
We do not change the doctor’s prescription, we take care of your and your family’s health at the expense of highly qualified pharmacists and quality medicines!

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